The Colony Restaurant

The Colony Restaurant

We work to make every dining experience exceptional

Destination Dining: If you enjoy the ambiance, service and cuisine offered by world-class eateries you’re going to love The Colony restaurant. We believe dining should be one of life’s great pleasures.

Each balanced meal contains a combination of nutritious whole grains, seasonal fruits and vegetables and high-quality proteins. We cater to “foodies” so whether you live to eat or simply eat to live, you’re always assured of eating well.

  • Salsas, sauces and gravies are made from scratch
  • Cookies, muffins and breads are fresh baked
  • Classic comfort foods are always prepared fresh
  • Meatless options are available at every meal
  • MSG, peanut oil and trans fats are never used

Our Food Philosophy

Food is meant to nourish the mind, body and soul.  Menus change daily to take advantage what’s fresh, local, seasonal and sustainable. Our in-house executive chefs eliminate excessive fats, calories and sodium but never compromise on flavor and freshness.

The Colony Restaurant

Menu options change often, but your in-house executive chef’s commitment to excellence is unwavering. Friends and family will look forward to joining you for a welcoming dining experience in an exquisite setting.

Weekly Restaurant Menus

Use the links below to see what’s being served this week at The Colony.

Breakfast & Lunch Menu

Dinner Menu



Chef Jessica Pettingill

Chef Jessica Pettingill

Cooking for The Colony may be what I was born to do! Growing up in Bismarck, I can’t remember a time I wasn’t working alongside my mother and grandmother in the kitchen.

I graduated from Western Culinary Institute in Portland in 2002 and relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area, where I worked for various senior communities, and moved to The Waters in 2015. I believe the more color you have on a plate, the better. That means serving whole nutritious foods with flavors that are simple, but also fun.